Do the planets align or do we make our own luck?

I talked last week about how blessed I am in life: my life’s partner, my fur babies, my friends and my plethora of career choices. The question I have pondered this week, since I do have time to ponder…oodles of time—a discomforting state for me, if truth be told…is Have I worked to invite such amazing gifts into my life or is it sheer luck?

For certain, the circumstance of my birth is pure providence. It is the foundation upon which all other things have been constructed. Did I build the tower of my life or is it all about fate, a big game of Ker Plunk and I am just pulling out the right sticks through happenstance? I don’t know for certain, of course, lacking the surety of a preacher or a prophet, but I do believe there is an element of both at play.

Born in a country of opportunity, I have had access to good health care, free education and (when I did mine) affordable post secondary education. Times were not always easy and money not always ready, but I found that if I worked hard, kept my eyes on the goal, the pay off was worth it. I built a career. I built a life. No stranger to sacrifice and hard work, I built me…from the ground floor up. And, I’m darn proud of it.

Yet, I know so many others who can claim the same thing. They have had goals and have worked hard their whole lives in the same bountiful country as me. Despite that, their lives are filled with setbacks, heartaches and loss. They have done everything right but too many things go wrong. How do I account for that?

“The harder I work, the luckier I get,” a quote oft attributed to Samuel Goldwyn, sums up my general philosophy in life. I have applied it with great success. However, a little voice niggles in the back of my mind, always. Others work just as hard. Work harder. Why you? Why do your stars align? I have no answer. None.

But, Universe, know that I am ever so grateful.


  1. I'm not sure about the universe, but if you recognize, contemplate feel grateful for your blessings you've done more than many.


  2. The luxury of time affords me the opportunity for such contemplation. I hope you are now enjoying your well-earned time off.

  3. When we make the most of our opportunities, we create our "luck"--if you want to call it that. ;-)

  4. Zan Marie, I totally agree. One must be present and aware in his/her own life and grab hold of those opportunities to make that "luck." Yet, I still cannot help but wonder about those who do the same thing but seem to have a dark cloud over their heads.

    1. All I know is that when we were going to the deck in the dark on the night of the alignment of Venus and Jupiter, John stubbed his toe and *broke* it. Ouch!

  5. All I know is that when we were going to the deck in the dark on the night of the alignment of Venus and Jupiter, John stubbed his toe and *broke* it. Ouch!