Saturday, 11 February 2017

I know exactly why I attack my legs. To feel something—anything. And to make the hurt stop. —Rose Phillips (Cutting to the Chase)

I know many of you have seen this already, but I’m not sure that everyone who follows the blog also follows me on other social media formats. So, for those who have missed it, we have a launch date for Cutting to the Chase. February 24th! It will release first as an eBook, with the print copy to follow a month or so afterward.

I am thrilled with the cover design. It captures the novel perfectly. The artist does not shy away from the very tough subject of self-harm. I approve heartily. It is not a topic to be sugar-coated, but one that needs to be thrown out into the open, discussed honestly and candidly with compassion and empathy. That is a road to healing.


  1. Yay!! Facebook has been weird again, apparently, because I got no information whatsoever about the pub date, but I'm happy that I saw it here. Since we (or rather, you, my dear author :) ) now have a pub date, do you know if there is any possibility to acquire an autographed and/or inscribed copy?

    1. Nicole,

      I will keep you posted. I have no idea yet as to the print copy release date. ;0)

  2. Love that cover! Amazing journey for you, Rose.

  3. It certainly is, Zan Marie. It's fun to see how it is unfolding for each of us.

  4. Thanks, Shari. I am beyond pleased with what they've done with the book so far.