Friday, 28 October 2016

Why do you jump in a roller coaster? You want a thrill. —Fede Alvarez

Last weekend I attended the Surrey International Writers' Conference. It is a roller coaster of stimulation filled with the requisite ups and downs. Rather than wax eloquent about the emotive ascent and descent of such an event, I thought I'd give you a visual representation of the ride.

      1. Anticipation began before I left the platform.

2. Travelling to the conference was a slow climb, but it sped up
    when I met folks I've known online for years, as well as
    saw writer friends from last year.

                                                           3. The rush of reaching the pinnacle was rubbing
                                                               shoulders with published authors. (Yes, I could have
                                                               had books signed. Do I regret not doing it? A bit, but I
                                                               was busy. See #2!)                

4. Throughout the ride, I partook in a little of this...
5. ...a lot of this...
                                                                      6. ...and, a ton of this.                                              
7. I hit a bump saying goodbye.
8. But soared with joy at seeing my loved ones
who waited patiently at home.
                                                                       9. I hit bottom at withdrawal and depression.
10. Oh, wait, bottom was stalking Twitter. Why? Cuz of #9.
I was looking to share that feeling of being lost, to know that I'm not insane,
 that this is a normal reaction. Right? Right?
                                     11. In a few days, I returned to the platform. Accepting that the ride  
                                           was over, I reconnected with everyday life. I reviewed notes,
                                           which led to renewed inspiration, and I got back to writing.
12. And, now I sit, looking at the track in anticipation of #SIWC17 because, well, I'm a writer. Why wouldn't I want to take the ride again?


  1. This is such a fantastic (and accurate) look at the SiWC ride. It's always so hard to see it end and have to come back to reality...but then we start looking through notes and thinking about all the terrific friendships and connections, and it's just SO GOOD. Inspiration for now, and anticipation for the next SiWC! This day we write!! :D

    1. And, when an award winning author drops by to comment on your blog, well, icing on the proverbial cake. :-) Loved that moment when they announced your name and the look on your face. Priceless.

  2. Perfect summary! And yes, that is a normal reaction. At least, I had it. I'm already trying to figure out how to make it happen next year.

    1. As you know, I love my quiet little valley life yet, wow, what a crash! Not that my misery is looking for company or anything, but it is good to know my plummet was not a solo dive. :0) We'll both have to start tucking away our pennies, cuz we need to do #2 again!

  3. LOL! Perfect summation, Rose! I'm still floating on the emotions of Surrey. And working hard to be read to submit my two requests. {{{{hugs}}}} to you and all of my Surrey buddies!

  4. And, now I can hear your voice in my head when I read your words. You have the greatest accent! Fingers crossed for your requests.