Saturday, 12 December 2015


Rain-drizzled windows, swaying trees and awnings creaking in the gusts that sweep across the land—I am in heaven. I arrived here in July and plan on staying here until I am in, well, heaven? The vista is magnificent and the feelings it stirs as the forces of nature wash the canvas anew are indescribable. I yearn, I long and, yet, I am fulfilled.

I was blessed with an amazing school in my last years as an educator. I called it Brigadoon, for surely it rose from the mist just for me each morning; nothing that wonderful could exist in this world, could it?

Well, it seems that I lead a blessed life. I have exchanged one Brigadoon for another. And, if you look at the pictures, you can see not only how spectacular my backyard view is, but can also appreciate how the mists create such a rich image of the impossible, the magical. Of course, if you are not into musicals, you won't even know what I'm talking about…and that's okay too. J Just enjoy the photos. I certainly do. Each and every day, framed by a window while I write.

It is my muse and my escape. It is my home.

Today's rain-swept landscape.


From Brigadoon to our back view in one hour.

My good luck writing charms...'cause I know some of you look for
 their pictures and because they really are. Each day, as I write, they sit
 beside me and support me, while enjoying the view too.


  1. Even though I like musicals, I have no idea what you're talking about - but that probably comes from an ocean separating us :) Anyway, the view you have is indeed spectacular and you're dogs are absolutely adorable! In the pictures you titled "Brigadoon" and "From Brigadoon to our back view in one hour" I thought at first the flat background in the picture was the ocean since I remember you said quite some time ago that you could see the ocean from your house. Living there seems to come quite close to heaven!

  2. Brigadoon rises from the Scottish Highland mists once every one hundred years. It is a story about the joy of rural life and of true love. And, if I panned my camera's view to the right away from the mountain of Salt Spring, you would see the ocean too. I truly am in heaven. :0)

  3. So lovely! And now I have to go watch Brigadoon again.