My life is better with every year of living it. —Rachel Maddow

I turned another year wiser on Monday. Not a raucous momentous occasion, but a wonderful day nonetheless. As I get older, I cannot help but reflect upon what has come before and what lies ahead. Rather than ramble contemplatively ad nauseam, I thought I’d give it in a nutshell. Well, a bullet list—which is the written version of a nutshell.

 What I learned this year:
  • Just when I thought I knew where I was going, I didn’t.
  • It’s fun not to know where you’re going.
  • A clean and tidy house isn’t really that important.
  • People are kind and generous.
  • Good friends are irreplaceable.
  • New friends are a treasure found.
  • I can write anywhere.
  • I can dream anywhere.
  • True joy lives in the simple moments.

What I hope I do in the year to come:
  • Embrace new adventures.
  • Live healthily—we now live in a climate where we have no excuse not to be active.
  • Write…and then write some more.
  • Read…and then read some more.
  • Learn…and, you guessed it, learn some more.
  • Find an agent.
  • Slow down and enjoy every minute with DH and the fur babies.

 Does your birthday make you pause and ponder? If so, what do you hope for as your birthday rolls into sight?




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    1. Thanks, Zan Marie. You are ever the cheerleader. ;0)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROSE! (And, Happy Thanksgiving to you, DH and the girls!) We are both October babies. Hmmmm, what do I hope for in my 35th year? While you have embraced the idea that a neat and tidy home is not important, I still cling to the dream of having every orifice of my house, my existence, really, completely organized. I'm working on being realistic, though! I would like to catalogue all the family photos from the last three years and complete the scrapbook that I promised I would make for Miss Eadie. Most of all, I am really going to hold close the chaos of my life, the noise at the supper table and the constant rushing about. Through my utter exhaustion, I hope I can stop and realize NOW, rather than later, that these are among some of the best moments of my life! Take care, Rose, and talk soon!

    1. Sadie,

      You babe you! 35! That's a great age. And, take my word for it, clean and tidy is surprisingly not as important as I always thought. Mind you, I couldn't live in a pigsty, but I do let the dust gather now while we go explore the valley. Hiking here is incredible. Yes, enjoy every moment with Miss E and Mr J (not to mention your DH). That's what this journey called life is all about. Hugs to you and thanks for dropping by. Oh, and happy birthday!!!!

  3. Happy year wiser day! Love the things you've learned and the things you hope to learn. It was fun for me to contemplate since I'm nearing my year wiser mark. It's a big one.

    1. Spesh,

      May your big wise day be filled with laughter and joy and your year ahead full of wonderful surprises.