As We Celebrate 30 Years Together...

There are no happy endings and yet I want one, dammit! I have read so many novels in my life, too many to even begin to tally. DH and I went through an Oprah book club period until I screamed “Uncle!” I was tired of reading about the ugly in human nature and viewing the world through such a dark lens.
I want happy endings. I want to believe in happily-ever-after.
A dear friend of mine emailed when I shared on the blog the slump that followed retirement. She is the sweetest person I know, a person who lives the Christian spirit in a true and honest way, in a way that makes sense and makes me want to be a better person. Love you, SB.
“Mom has bouts of it every few months -- the same thing over and over. Just in one now actually, as she again is trying to figure out her purpose, life-plan, future, whatever you want to call it, without my dad. One shoe in the past, one shoe in the present.”
Forgive me SB’s mom, because this will seem inconsequential and trivial in comparison to your endless ache. But know that I share it with heartfelt sincerity. We had the most amazing dogs. We loved them and when they died it broke our hearts. Never again would we open ourselves to the pain.
Our house was empty and lonely without them, each of us delaying our return home at the end of a workday because we did not want to face the lifeless rooms alone. Fate intervened, a snowstorm, time on my hands, breeders willing to forsake their choice of one little pup to allow two little fur-sisters to stay together.
They turned eight in January and if the winds of fate continue to blow gently in our direction, we will have another seven years with them. And, when they die, so will a part of us. Would we trade the years of joy and pleasure to avoid the pain? Not a chance. Our lives are richer, we are kinder, and more understanding of life in general, because of them. I will hurt, I will cry, I will feel. And I will bless the years that we shared.
I cannot imagine what it will feel like for either one of us when the other is gone. My mind cannot fathom not waking up to DH’s gentle kiss, his wonderful smile each morning and the laughter that lights every day. What I am sure of is that my heart will know the truth. I would not trade a single moment of our years together to avoid the pain. Not a single moment.
Happy Anniversary, DH. I love you.



  1. So sweet! Happy anniversary. I'm with you. The pain of loss is huge, but the pain and loneliness of never having it to begin with is worse. And death is only a temporary parting. We'll be together again. For eternity.

  2. Spesh,

    It is an incredibly amazing thing to find someone to spend the years with When they can make you smile and laugh and forget about the world at large...well, it is the best that life can bring. I am still searching for my faith beyond the here and now, and take great comfort in your beliefs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Happy Anniversary! We aren't complete without fur babies, either. For years, he catered to my "catty" nature. Then, when he retired we went "doggy". The two toy poodles wh share our lives are precious! Even if it's hard to find the perfect boarding situation so we can find time way. My hubby and I have had 37+ wonderful years. Here's to 30 more for both of us.

  4. Thanks Zan Marie. Aren't we all so lucky?!