Spring is in the Air #hashtaghellotwitterville

Birdsong fills the air each day as I sit looking out at the hills of Austin, lost in thought, wrapped in dreams. Chickadees chirp and finches flit while a cardinal dominates the treescape. He is bold, flaunting his strength, his prowess and, the wee blighter knows it, his beauty. Spring is in the air, the game of mating has launched and the careful construction of nests has begun.

I too have started to gather random bits to build a nest of sorts of my own. I flew into the vast blue skies of Twitter this week. It is an immense universe, filled with so many voices that I am overwhelmed by the cacophony. I have panicked, fluttering frantically, a hummingbird trying to stay airborne in the updraft of sound. That was when I knew I needed a safe place and the comfort of familiar murmurs of support. I turned to my cyber friends.

While I still do not understand hashtag (It sounds like a stoner’s game from the 70’s), how to find the writing connections I am seeking or why the Twitter trend suggestions think I could possibly be interested in Justin Bieber’s love life, my friends have said hello, they have followed me and they have favourited my two sad little peeps. And, they wait in the wings, ready to give advice when I am done playing and am ready to truly soar.

In the same vein as it takes a village to raise a child, I am discovering it takes a community to build a nest. Thank you to all of my writer friends and friends of writers for lending a helping hand. I will continue to collect and weave in the odds and ends, until I have a solid, comfy nest where I will sit and transpose the discord into symphony and tweet my own sweet sounds to the world.

(Singing from the treetops @roserambles1)


  1. I like the idea of social media as a nest. I already feel that way about compuserve, and even blogging. I've been planning on getting on twitter, just not quite ready. I'm glad you'll be there to teach me the ropes and translate the noise into song when I am.

  2. My tweets will find you...wherever you may be!