Monday, 5 January 2015

Road Trip! Are We There Yet????

Are we there yet?
Yes, we are. Finally. And we are safe. Actually, beyond safe. We are snug and secure and, possibly, just a wee bit inebriated in our relief. Travelling has turned bags under eyes into hound dog replicas. I keep telling myself that that is okay. I am getting older and it shows. And that is just fine. Perhaps the R & R will soften the caverns but, really, I am alive, well, and happy.
Four days on the road; no snow but a threat of flash flooding and tornadoes, and we are comfortably ensconced near the most amazing beach I believe I have ever seen.  And, it is a three minute walk from our house!  More than that, we sat in the sun by our little pool in the backyard and celebrated the 8th birthday of these two little fur-beings who bring nothing but laughter and love into our lives. It is not as warm as I would like, but it doesn't matter. It does not get any better. Happy birthday Ginger and Spice!


  1. Glad your travels were safe. We're experiencing a big cold spell right now, temperatures are much lower than normal. Sorry, hope you enjoy yourselves anyway. And Happy Birthday Ginger and Spice!

  2. It's all good. Hope your house hunting is going well.

    1. It is way to distracting. I'm having trouble concentrating on writing.