November 1-30 is National Novel Writing Month, often referred to as NaNo. Writers around the world sign up, inspired by the challenge and friendly sense of competition, to write 50,000 words within thirty days. Two years ago I played along on a writer’s forum, in what we called Mini-NaNo, with a goal of 25, 000 words. I managed approximately 30,000. I was working full time, so I was pleased with that accomplishment. 

This year I officially signed up, fully intending to run the gauntlet, but have since bailed. I thought it would be just the kick-start I need for the sequel to Raven’s Path. My husband thought otherwise. Apparently, I become a little obsessive under deadlines and he’d rather that I be willing to leave the computer once in a while and enter the real world. And, spend some time with him. After almost 30 years together, how can I not be charmed by a man who wants me to be present in his life?

So, no official Nano for me. I wish all fellow writers a great month of November and the best of luck if you are participating in Nano. I will strive to write as much as I can in the coming month and will post my count here. But, if the number does not go up exponentially, know that I am sipping a glass of wine, watching winter burgeon beyond the window, snuggled warm and safe in the arms of the most endearing man I've ever known.


  1. So glad your husband wants to spend time with you! That's the sign of a keeper. I did NaNo once and once was enough. I might try the marathons in the exercise folder this year. We'll have to see how life goes.

  2. Spesh,

    Life must always come first. And, you are one busy lady. I don't think I would be up to the challenges you take on!

  3. I don't officially NaNo either. I'm never going to write 50K in a month and the pressure is just too much. Besides, I like to spend time with my hubby, too. ;-) My unofficial NaNo consists of plugging the holes in my MS. Good luck to you, Rose!

    1. Zan Marie,

      Thing is, I probably can write 50K in a month. Pressure works really well on me. It is what I have to give up in order to do it that is the stumbling block. But, he's an awfully nice stumbling block. :0) How lucky are we? We get to write and spend time with perfect mates! Keep plugging away!