Saturday, 5 November 2016

There's no such thing as downtime for your brain. —Jeffrey Kluger

I was going to skip posting anything this week but, since I know many of you actually check in each weekend, I thought it unfair to just leave it blank. Images of you returning repeatedly, only to find the now stale GIFS from my previous post, are nudging me to at least leave an imprint here so that you can move on with your weekend. Busy days sneaking in yard work between raindrops, digging deep into revision and writing new words have kept my mind occupied. So, I'm fried. Spent. Depleted.

So, move on. Don't come back 'til next week. And, have a terrific weekend!

One of our recent visitors.


  1. Hi Rose, I for one am grateful that you thought of your "online visitors" :) I hope you have a great and productive week, but don't overexhaust yourself. Amazing pictures, by the way! Do you know what type of bird it is?

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Great to "see" you. :-) I know it's irritating to keep checking back expecting a post. The is a heron. We see them closer to the water here, so it was fun to have him...or her...stop by.